Sustainability Journey

Written by Adam Miller

On 15th June 2021

Sustainability isn’t just something we say or do. It is who we are.

Now that in itself is something of a buzz-phrase, but we really do mean it. As a social enterprise we have a real and genuine commitment to maximise the positive impact we have on our world.

Where and how we spend our money matters, who we chose to work alongside can have a significant impact on our operations.

So we actively encourage our suppliers to embed sustainability into their operations and never shy away from making commitments about what we do to help protect our planet.

That’s why we are proud to say that we are:

Zero waste to landfill

With our experts working hard to source and use sustainable packaging and materials.

Single Use Plastic (SUP) free.

We are SUP free to all of our customers and are working tirelessly to reduce SUPs we receive from our supplier base.

Sourcing paper from sustainable sources

We have put our commitment on paper, literally. Sourcing only from sustainable PEFC or FSC accredited forests or using recycled content.

Committed to using green energy

The electricity we use comes from a 100% renewable source.

Challenging our suppliers

We work with our supply chain and showcase the benefits of all of the above…

But most of all…

We are constantly seeking to do more

We aren’t prepared to sit down, pat ourselves on the back and think our sustainability job is done.

There is always more to do, better materials to use, more of a positive impact we can have.

Because when it comes to protecting our planet, our work will always continue.

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