Committed to the Community

Passionate about the Environment

Commercial Foundation is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a difference. That difference is our three-pronged approach to be a force for good.

First, we act as an enabler for other companies to implement social value into their own supply chains.

Second, we run our #NoLimits Programme, an employability programme to prepare young people for a better future.

Third, conscious of the effect every individual has on the planet, we are committed to minimising our personal impact on the environment.

How do we do it?

Crucial to our success is our board of directors. Policymaking is directed towards the advancement of our goal to put community purpose first. At the same time, we must meet the relevant regulations and maintain the Foundation’s financial sustainability.


Our board of directors ensures that Commercial Foundation is run in such a way that it will continue to satisfy the community interest test, which specifies that activities are carried on for the benefit of the community. They must also consider the Foundation’s profitability and commercial margins, so it can continue to grow and support more young people with work-based training.

With a non-executive director and a volunteer representative from the Foundation, we are able to ensure that we make decisions in line with our aims to advance our social purpose, and create a better future for young people in the UK. The board as a whole must also take into account the relevant regulations set out by The Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies.

The core principles of fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency are at the heart of every decision we make. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.


Every journey starts with a single step

Listen to some of the young people that have taken part in our no limits programme and see the positive impact it has had on their lives.

Helping businesses do something amazing

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have helped make a difference to Commercial Foundation and the young people we work with.

The Board Members

Our board of directors includes skilled and experienced individuals who share the Foundation’s aims, values and vision for the future. Read more about our board members here.

Simone Hindmarch

Simone Hindmarch

Managing Director of Commercial Group

Simone was inspired to launch the Commercial Foundation when she was struck by the difficulties some young people come up against when leaving school. She has since grown the foundation as a resource for those facing a barrier to employment, whether that be a lack of confidence, experience or qualifications.

Arthur Hindmarch

Arthur Hindmarch

Chair of Commercial Group

Arthur’s expertise helps the foundation examine its finances and focus on the business nuts and bolts that help it to grow and flourish. His passion for business, coupled with a down to earth nature and interest in people, has been a recipe for success that has contributed to the growth of Commercial Group and the Commercial Foundation.

Jonathon Sindall

Jonathon Sindall

Non-Executive Director

Jonathan is passionate about creating a better future for young people in the UK, which is what drew him to volunteer as a non-executive director for the Commercial Foundation. He brings decades of experience in sales, marketing, training and business management.

Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Director of Commercial Foundation

Adam is responsible for running the Commercial Foundation. He took on the role in September 2018 and has focussed on improving outcomes for foundation volunteers in the longer term and on product sustainability.



Volunteer Representative

Each quarter, a volunteer representative joins the board meeting. They share their experience of the foundation and give feedback on the board’s ideas. Their insight helps to make sure the board’s decisions are grounded in the foundation’s social purpose.

"More than 86% of the young people we work with go on to secure a job. The results are impressive. But if you want something really inspiring, take a look at some of the young people’s individual stories."

Commercial Foundation

"Commercial Foundation shows what can be achieved when companies work together to deliver value and support to the community"

Dean Ashby, Scanning and Fulfilment Centre Manager at Coventry Building Society

The Unique Benefits of the Programme.

What better way to discover more about our #NoLimits Programme than to listen to those who have directly experienced it? In our short video, Simone Hindmarch, Co-Founder of Commercial Foundation and one of Commercial Foundation’s board directors, talks about the unique benefits of the Programme.

A couple of our young people talk about what life is really like at Commercial Foundation and how what they have learnt will equip them for a better future.

Take the First Step Today, Towards a Better Tomorrow

When you are faced with an opportunity for something new, something better, it can be daunting. If you’re a young person feeling worried about what to expect from our #NoLimits Programme, take a look at our videos featuring our young people. See for yourself what the programme is really like.

Over £25k of Social Value Created

Emcor UK and the Foundation

A Very Special Look at a Commercial Taster Day

Wates' Group Partners with Commercial Foundation

However You Contribute, When You Work With Us, You Show You Care

Companies that work with us can establish a real and tangible way to show their commitment to society. There are numerous ways businesses can do this, and at the same time, help us secure a better future for our young people.

Take a look at our videos to see what we do at the Foundation, and to garner ideas and inspiration on what you can do to demonstrate you care.

Get in Touch.

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