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Sometimes it can seem like things will never change, no matter how much you want them to or how hard you try. Commercial Foundation works with young people who desperately want to turn their lives around in a practical, real-world environment.

If you’re up for it, Commercial Foundation will help discover the potential in you.

Your journey

Every single young person who comes to Commercial Foundation has a different story to tell. But they all have one thing in common. Somehow, somewhere things started going wrong.

We understand how hard it can be to get back on track. But we also know that it’s a whole lot easier if you believe in yourself, develop skills and have support to help you to find – and keep – a job.

Our eight week No Limits programme involves training, mentoring and support while you work voluntarily at We Do. Print. You’ll work in different departments, from design and production to marketing and finance so you can find out what interests you and what you’re good at. You’ll also receive CV writing help and job search support, enabling you to find and seize the right opportunity when it’s out there. Most importantly, you’ll learn from people who have been through similar challenges to you – and come out the other side.

Getting better all the time

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Follow the stories of some of our young people, to discover how they're transforming their lives one step at a time.

Being part of the Commercial Foundation team has really helped my confidence. The job search support has been great and I’m keen to get into work and be more independent. I just had my first job interview and it felt good to walk in there with a positive attitude.