Currys ‘The New Normal’

Client Name: Currys

Case Study Type: Fulfilment

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic began the Foundation have been supporting Currys in their ‘new normal’.

It has been two years since Covid-19 was declared as a global pandemic. To meet the challenges posed by the pandemic, businesses have had to take steps in changing the way they work. During this time Commercial Foundation noticed the need for a service that could help businesses get back on their feet and be prepared. This was the start of a new avenue for the Foundation and became the fulfilment service we now offer today.

Covid-19 Battleboxes

One of the first fulfilment tasks the Foundation undertook for Currys was the packing and shipment of ‘Covid-19 Battleboxes’ to every Currys store.

These boxes contained vital items for Covid testing including a testing station, sanitising equipment, a thermometer, and a grip mat.

These kits provided Currys employees with the essential PPE and equipment to carry on working safely throughout the pandemic.

‘Keeping The Doors Open’

As part of our ongoing work with Currys, we are continuing to support them to make sure that the doors stay open!

This includes providing testing kits to their employees. These are requested through the Foundation and shipped direct to the employee on a next day tracked service.


Home Working

Remote working was initially forced on those employees who could work from home, however, after 2 years of hybrid and home working it has become the new way to work.

Many customers are now choosing to shop online rather than in stores, causing many retailers to think creatively about how to offer the same personal experience. Many retailers, including Currys, are now offering virtual shopping experiences to their customers. 

In order to support home workers, Commercial Foundation have been shipping headsets out to employees who are currently in this position.