Client Name: Clarkson Evans

Case Study Type: Mock Interviews

Social Value Generated: £0

Overview: Young people take park in mock interviews to grow their confidence.

Clarkson Evans teams up with Foundation

National electrical contractor Clarkson Evans is working with social enterprise Commercial Foundation to help young people who havepreviously encountered barriers to employment to help boost their chances of finding a job.

Young people on Commercial Foundation’s No Limits training and mentoring programme will take part in mock interviews at Clarkson Evans’ head office in Gloucester. The interviews replicate the real world as far as possible, with the ‘candidates’ preparing and submitting CVs and cover letters, liaising with the HR department and researching the company in readiness for the interview. Following the interview, the young people are given constructive feedback.

“Once the interview started I didn’t feel nervous any more. It was a really positive experience.”

Tanya Oakler